Busting the Biggest Home-Buying Myths of 2020

This year has been difficult for just about everyone, but if you were (or still are) thinking about buying a home in 2020, you might be feeling more than a little overwhelmed. An ongoing pandemic, the subsequent recession, and general uncertainty have forced many house-hunters to put their real estate dreams on hold. However, despite […]

New Eviction Mediation Program Approved

On October 6th the Nevada supreme court finalized the mediation program legislated in the summer special sessions of 2020. The mediation process will definitely apply to pay or quit evictions but a local court could decide to also require mediation for other types of cases (30 Day, Nuisance, Lease Violation, etc.). During this period (doubt […]

6031 Golden Arowana

BE MOVED! I look forward to serving every seller we are blessed to do so. And each home has a feature, story or character to get pumped up to promote. This Golden Arowana home one checks so many boxes, I had to blog about it – it represents living in Las Vegas so well. Remember […]

How to Handle Getting Multiple Offers on Your Home

If you’re thinking about listing your home, you’ve probably heard that we’re in a seller’s market right now. As inventory dwindles and buyer interest intensifies, it’s not uncommon to see properties sell just hours after they’re listed, sometimes even tens of thousands above their original asking price. This may seem like an ideal scenario, but […]