Las Vegas Outdoors. Six Great Activities to Consider.


Best know for the lights on the Strip, not many outside of the lucky locals know that Las Vegas has a great outdoor scene.  There are literally hundreds of ways to fly, bike, hike or ride across the vast landscape surrounding the Strip.  With such a beautiful and dramatic backdrop, the greater Las Vegas area is a delight to the eyes and a playground for the adventurous.  We’ve listed our top six outdoor activities below to enjoy the great Las Vegas outdoors!

  1. Hiking and/or Biking
    Lace those boots up tight, there are plenty of options when it comes to hiking.  The folks over at Alltrails have ranked over 96 trails.  From kid/dog friendly options to some with waterfalls, canyons and forest area, there is something for everyone. Calico Tanks Trail in Red Rock Canyon ranks number one on the list and offers stunning views.  Check out the full list at
  2. Exotic Car Racing
    Ferraris, Lamborghinis, BMWs, check…  And, yes, it is as awesome as it sounds. Instructors run you through some one-on-one training and video-based to educate and boost your confidence. At well over 100 mph, you are sure to get your blood pumping with this exhilarating outing.  There are several options to choose from in the area.  Check out the reviews of several over at
  3. 4WD & ATVs
    Seeking something a bit more rugged and unstructured?  How about something WAY off the beaten path? From full-sized Hummer and Jeep tours of the Grand Canyon to dune buggies and ATVs in the desert, there’s not a shortage of activities that allow you to play in the dirt in the rural areas surrounding Las Vegas.
  4. Horseback Riding
    Step into a time machine and put yourself squarely in a classic Western.  Grab the reins and saddle up, with a cowboy trail ride. Take a ride through the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon with fellow cowboy wranglers! Experience the beauty of the desert as you ride down to the valley floor.
  5. Kayaking, Boating and Whitewater Rafting
    You’re going to want to bring your bathing suit for this one.  You WILL get wet.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing scenic ride, or an heart-stopping thrill ride, Black Canyon river and Lake Mead offer the best of both.
  6. Skydiving
    Vegas is beautiful at night and spectacular from 10,000 ft.  Guaranteed to be the best view of the city and surrounding areas, skydiving activities are available in abundance and sure to get your heart rate up.  Just don’t forget the camera.

The Greater Las Vegas area offers so many outdoor activities for both tourist and locals.  Sure, you have the Strip, but this is truly an outdoor sportsman’s paradise.  Don’t wait, go adventuring today!

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