1st Quarter Newsletter – Rental Home Living


Happy New Year! We’re already 3 months into 2016. Here is this quarters newsletter designed to help you live in great harmony with your home and partner with us to make our relationship the best we can. In this letter;

Sprinkler clock reminder
Wet Winter – Active HOA notices
Look under sinks
Change your smoke detector batteries
How to properly report service requests
Online rent pay

Sprinkler Clocks
March 1 is the date water schedules change to 3x week. Go to http://changeyourclock.com to verify your watering schedule and make your adjustments. Can’t figure out your clock? Google make of clock and you’ll find directions online.

Wet Winter
This year’s wet winter will result in a massive amount of weed and plant growth. Homeowner Associations (HOAs) will be very busy with violation letters this year. It is critical we all stay ahead of this by maintaining plant growth and killing weeds as they poke through the soil. Note-we prefer to not ever bother you while residing in our rental homes. However, when an HOA send us a violation notice, there is a small window of time to bring the infraction into compliance. Several of those days are lost while these notices are sent to the owner. This in turn, shortens the time frame for us to rectify the violation. Please excuse our urgency in handling these matters. We are trying to mitigate for the owner and prevent violation fines tacked onto your account.

Look Under Your Sinks
Sounds odd but many damage issues we encounter start with a drip or leak under sinks througout the house. Leaks can be from both the plumbing and/or the bottles and cans we keep underneath. Please make a regular habit of checking for signs of moisture. If you keep liquids underneath your sinks, place them in a plastic tub where liquid can be contained and not penetrate into the wood.

Smoke Detector Batteries
All to often we inspect homes where batteries have been pulled out of the detectors or the detectors removed from their mount altogether. This is a serious hazard and cannot be tolerated. Make a habit of replacing batteries each time we adjust our clocks. This year, we moved to daylight savings time on Sunday March 13. Grab a ladder get some 9-volt batteries and have some fun changing batteries and keeping you and others safe in your rental home.

Service Requests
We have a very streamlined system for reporting service requests. Go to http://rent702.com and click on the service request button. This is the most efficient way to report non-emergency requests. We aim to ensure you have a safe and well operating home. In the event of an emergency (no heat/air, no hot water, sewage/water backup), call 800-509-5803 for fast attention. We have mailed reminders and stickers within the last week to make this easier for you.

Online Rent Pay
As many of you know, we have online rental payment available. You can manually each month authorize payment from your checking account into our rental account. Or you can set up for automatic payments as well – making this a do once and forget option. http://rent702.com offers the link to set this up as well.

We wish you the best in the new year and thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Tim Kuptz
Cissy Bonifacio
Pamela Gill
Mike Stevens
Belinda Beery
Kristi Ferreira

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