Major Changes to Nevada Landlord, Tenant Relationship Laws Part ONE

landlordsJuly 1, 2019 will usher in changes to existing laws and some new laws governing the relationships between landlord-tenant. Here are some of the key provisions in SB151 passed in the last 2 hours of the legislative session;

1> The PAY OR QUIT is now 7 judicial days. Previously when rent was late, a landlord or its agent could file a 5-day demand for rent or quit (vacate the residence). It has been modified now to be 7 JUDICIAL days. This elongates the process more than it seems as North Las Vegas and Henderson operate on 4-day work weeks. With a Monday holiday thrown in, it could be more than 2 weeks to allow this process to time out where it previously took a week – regardless of holiday. Additionally, the unlawful detainer (notice to evict) cannot be filed until the day after the Pay or Quit notice expiration. It has been noon on the day of expiration.

2> Reasonable late fees are capped at 5% of the monthly periodic rent. This will have a huge impact on landlord-tenant relationships. To present, late fees kicked in after a grace period and accumulated daily until paid. Effective July 1, they are capped at 5% no matter the day they are paid during the 30 day period. Furthermore is that “rent” has been defined to only that of which is the amount listed on the lease. This is concerning as it may prevent late fees from ever being collected – a landlord cannot file for eviction for non-payment of the late fees, if rent is paid timely following a late fee action.

Read Part TWO for additional changes in Nevada law.  Have any questions, comments, or curious about professional property management, please reach to me.

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