Charity Opportunities in Clark County, Nevada

This time of year it is important for us to take a moment and remember those in need.  We here at TeamKuptz are so blessed to live and work in the greater Las Vegas area.  We encourage you to join us in the giving spirit of giving and get involved with a charity.  There is no greater feeling than to give.  Here are just a few of the local charities in Clark County where you can pay it forward this Christmas Season.


Read to Kids Donate to Kids Inc.

Based out of Las Vegas, this service primarily functions as a way of providing educational opportunities to children in Ghana. The program collects both new and used books and ultimately ships them directly to Ghana, distributing the material to the children who otherwise would have nothing to read at all. Moreover, any monetary contributions are generously accepted in order to help offset some of the shipping costs for the materials. You can find the contact information for Read to Kids Donate to Kids Inc. in the local Yellow pages, and should be considered an excellent way to give back to underprivileged children in other parts of the world.

Meals on Wheels

This is a nationwide organization which has local services offered in many major cities across the country. The current program in Las Vegas offers food supply services to hundreds of homebound seniors who otherwise would not have access to a healthy diet. At no charge to the customer, the charitable service hires drivers in order to transport healthy dining options to the front door of seniors across Clark County.

Heritage for the Blind

logo (2)Based out of Henderson, Nevada, Heritage for the Blind primarily uses the accumulated funds from generous automobile donations in order to support their efforts for the blind in their community. The primary objectives for the service include providing medical alert service for the blind as well as extending the publications of braille material throughout the greater Las Vegas area. The public is encouraged to donate their car whether or not it is running in order to ultimately fund the efforts of this service, who aim to make the blind fully independent members of our society.

Salvation Army

Known nationwide as one of the premier charitable services that is offered, the Salvation Army provides Las Vegas residents with an opportunity to help those subjected to a variety of disasters including natural disasters, human trafficking, etc. The service actually operates out of the Evangelical Church, and has over 7,000 local locations nationwide. Some of their most notable contributions include providing resources for natural disaster relief, as well as establishing rehabilitation centers for those who have had their lives altered due to any number of unfortunate circumstances.

Charity for Children

If you have ever considered wanting to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children worldwide who are forced to live under terrible conditions of poverty, homelessness, or abuse, the consider this service as a primary function of charity. Organized and run by everyday citizens and volunteers, the charity strives to provide any relief it can to children across the world who suffering. Some of their largest relief efforts including fundamental food and medical supplies as well as spreading the awareness of gang prevention and education across the world. Charity for Children simply strives to improve the lives of however many children it can, and does so by their generous efforts.

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