Must Visit Museums in Nevada

Looking for a way to get out of the house and explore the Las Vegas area with the family? Museums are excellent places to visit and are great fun for people of all ages.  They are not only entertaining but are also highly educational experiences. Luckily, Nevada offers plenty of great options for you and your family.

Clark County Heritage Museum

clark-county-heritageLocated in Henderson, Nevada nearly 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas, this museum is one of the most interesting museums in the state. It features a timeline exhibit that dates all the way back to prehistoric eras, as well as, a collection of restored historic buildings from various decades. This museum spans over 30 acres and is filled with remnants of the lives of early settlers, including real restored log cabins, a general store, old mining facilities, and much more. Your kids will love imagining daily life in different times as you learn about the incredible history of Henderson, Nevada and other surrounding towns in Clark County Nevada.

The Mob Museum

Ranked number one out of all museums in Las Vegas, the Mob Museum is an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss. This three-story museum covers every aspect of organized crime starting with immigration and prohibition. It tells real stories through its collection of over 1000 historical artifacts relating to the mob. This museum is a must-see for tourists, Las Vegas, Nevada residents, and anyone visiting the Clark County Nevada area.

Discovery Children’s Museum

The Lied Discovery is a great place for children of all ages. They recently welcomed their one millionth visitor.  This place is a staple of the community and offers a vibrant and engaging experience, through exhibits and programs like science experiments, make-believe play and dress-up, learning about water conservation and learning about healthy lifestyles.

Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition

titanic-bedroom-glscjpg-a66f308bdb9f8173This museum really brings the Titanic into reality. Located at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, this museum focuses on not only artifacts of the ship itself, but the background stories of each passenger who boarded. Upon entry, you will be given a boarding pass of one of the real passengers aboard the Titanic, including information about who they were, why they were there, and whether or not they survived the tragic event. This museum is one of the most fascinating in the area but isn’t the most light-hearted experience.

The Neon Museum

This must-see museum is a truly unique historical experience showcasing countless preserved light-up signs. Explore the glamor of these restored elaborate signs from the past of Las Vegas as you walk through six acres of this outdoor neon museum. Information will be given to your family about where each sign is from and why it is important to the history of the city.

Pinball Hall of Fame

pinball-halloffameThe Pinball Hall of Fame is sure to provide your entire family with a day of fun and bring out the kid in you, too. This museum is a wonderful collection of pinball machines ranging back to as early as the 50’s. The best part is that you can play on all of the machines. Your kids will be surprised at how much fun a museum can be.

The Las Vegas area has so much to offer locals and visitors.  Let us know what some of your favorite museums are below in the comments section.


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