2018 Trends For Home Renovations

Home enhancements are always changing. Being aware of trends will help increase your property’s value. If you’re contemplating remodeling this year, consider some of these tips for your remodel.

For businesses in our area that can help you be more green, you can visit one of the following sites:

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Going Green

Going green is a growing trend. You will see some properties marketed particularly for this. There are several different options, both big and small. You can use energy efficient products, utilize less chemical-intensive materials, reclaim older building components to inject charm to a modern house, and/or use sustainable materials. Consider using green insulation and eco-friendly landscaping.

Extending Indoor Living Space

The exterior and interior of your house are no longer considered separate areas. Reduce the separation between them to make your home feel larger and maximize your entertaining area. Ensure easy access to the backyard, especially from the kitchen. Upgrade the outdoor living space with a pretty patio, fire-pit, or maybe an outdoor cooking area. Don’t forget to keep privacy in mind.

Integration of Technology

The dependence on tech tools is growing. Remember this when determining room layouts. Family rooms should contain a wall that will fit a wall-mounted television. Look into incorporating surround sound options in family rooms as well. Also, consider installing some high-tech light switches and fixtures that can be integrated with a smart-home device such as the Google Home devices. Install cable and electrical outlets in appropriate spots.

Open Floor Plans

Small disconnected rooms were once popular, but not any more. Open floor plans are in higher demand. They allow in more light and make a space appear bigger. Consider including additional components such as tray ceilings, taller windows, or accent pieces like fireplaces.

Prior to finalizing your plans, you should consider consulting with a real estate agent regarding what upgrades would be most desirable to home buyers in your area and would therefore help improve your resale value. Contact Team Kuptz today for more useful tips on real estate in the Henderson area.

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