5 Ways to Think “Outside the Flowerpot” For Mother’s Day

It’s the time of year when we celebrate our mothers and all of the wonderful things they have done for us. Your mother has worked hard raising you, possibly working or balancing a career with family, and has contributed in many ways to shape who you have become. And mothers deserve appreciation, so why not be thoughtful, with her genuine personality and interests in mind? Below are five creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

  1. Make a Family Memories Collage
    Collages are simultaneously simple to make and require dedication. While the idea is pretty straightforward, you have the task of deciding which pictures to use, how to cut them, and where to place them. Whenever I make a collage, I cut pictures into either squares or rectangles and make sure to balance the final image by not placing too many of the same person in one place or too many group photos. Or, you could place pictures of the same people in groups of other photos of them for a cluster effect!
  2. Buy Her a Massage or Spa Day
    Your mother is a hard worker, and she deserves a rest sometimes. But sometimes she deserves a little bit more than that. Why not treat mom to a massage parlor or spa and let her really unwind from the hassles of daily life, even if just for a day? A massage is beneficial for aching muscles, and a spa is perfect for relaxation.
  3. Make Her Unique Jewelry
    Anyone can buy jewelry, but only you know how to tailor a piece specifically to your mom’s style. First, settle on a vision of what you want the piece to look like, browsing the craft store’s bead section for ideas. Imagine what your completed piece will look like and purchase supplies accordingly. Look at different jewelry styles for ideas.
  4. Write Her Something
    Don’t just default to a simple card from the store. Be creative! From crafting your own card and writing out your heartfelt thoughts to writing a story you think she will enjoy. Just put the pen to paper and start writing. Write a message and put in a bottle for the aesthetic or write many messages and put them in a jar to be taken out, one by one, on days when she’s feeling down. Just write!
  5. Make and Bury a Time Capsule Together
    With your mom, gather some items to put in an appropriate container. Are you burying it outside, where it will be exposed to the elements? Place the items in an airtight container. Burying it in the back of your closet for ten years? A cardboard box will be fine. Make sure things you put in your capsule are meaningful and valuable to you both. In however many years you decide on, open it and relive the memories.

Whatever you choose to do for your mom on Mother’s Day, do it with thoughtfully. Do it with meaning. But most of all, do it with love.

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