COVID-19 Continues to Change How We Buy A House and Here’s How

In the months since the United States have been trying to navigate a “new normal,” Las Vegas real estate agents have had to be innovative to keep their business flowing. Savvy agents didn’t let these unique challenges hold them back at all! If you’ve bought or sold a house in the past, be prepared for a new (and improved?) approach to real estate. 

Real estate as a virtual experience

Technology is part of every facet of our lives. When we aren’t wasting hours browsing social media sites, we’re shopping or reading articles – like you’re doing right now! Or, if you’re like many people, you’ve probably spent many hours browsing real estate listing sites – especially if you’re thinking about buying a new home. 

At the height of the pandemic, 73% of real estate agents reported there was an increased demand for virtual showings, thanks to the state-wide stay-at-home order being in effect until the end of July. Virtual showings and 3D tours allows buyers to see every inch of the property without physically walking through the house. The agent can stream the tour via Facetime or a comparable program and the client can ask questions along the way. Once the tour is over, the agent can post the recording on the listing’s webpage. 

Agents aren’t just conducting online showings, many transactions have been completed virtually as well. Parties involved with the transaction can have a video conference to go over the closing documents, which can be signed digitally through programs like DocuSign. With that said, it’s important to note that this may not be the case everywhere. Some municipalities still require face-to-face meetings, but there will be precautions in place to comply with social distancing protocols. 

New amenities are in higher demand

In the past, open floor plans have been the preferred floor plan for buyers. However, as a result of being cooped up in the same space for several months, buyers want more privacy. Buyers want designated areas with doors so they can have some peace and quiet. This is especially true for those whose employers have allowed workers to work from home on a permanent basis. Some families may even seek out homes with multiple spaces for a home office if several people will be working or doing schoolwork from home. 

Buyers are also looking for spacious yards with outdoor living spaces because when you’re cooped up for too long, you’re going to start craving fresh air! Buyers also place pools high on their list because we don’t know for certain if any beaches or public swimming areas will be open or, if they are, what guidelines will be in place. 

And in the same vein, buyers are looking for homes with lots of windows so there’s plenty of fresh air circulating through the house. With that said, people still want updated kitchens, privacy fences, home offices and updated flooring.

Welcome to a new real estate experience

All over the globe, people have had to adjust to a new way of life due to the coronavirus, America in particular. As we continue to try our best to navigate this new landscape, things are going to continue to evolve – real estate included. Real estate agents have always been that support system that the clients could depend on, which is something we’ll need going forward. These are uncharted times and their expertise will be invaluable, whether you’re a first time buyer or not. 

 For more on COVID-19 and real estate, check out HomeLight’s full report from their Q2 Top Agent Insights Survey. 

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