Top 5 Places to Catch the 2018 Super Bowl in Henderson

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, which means people are scrambling to find the best seats in the house to watch the Patriots and the Eagles fight for the ultimate football win. It doesn’t matter who you are pulling for, if you are looking for a great place to watch the big game in Henderson, Nevada, then we’ve got several great suggestions for you and your family. You can eat delicious food and enjoy a football atmosphere at any of these great places below.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The traditional location for sports and wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is a great place to catch the Super Bowl right in Henderson. You can get delicious boneless wings, or get your favorite flavor on the bone. Get the beer of your choice, and find a great TV view anywhere in the house. Buffalo Wild Wings is known for their sports atmosphere, and while it is a chain, it is still a great place to watch the game and enjoy time with friends and family.

Miller’s Ale House

This sports bar, pub, and restaurant combo is the perfect place to watch the Super Bowl this year. Located in Henderson, the Miller’s Ale House is a great option for you and your family. They have delicious food that is served in huge portions. They have a beer of your choosing, and they have plenty of TVs and comfy seating to catch every play of the game. This location boasts of great food and service.

Green Valley Ranch Resort

Though it is a spa and casino, the restaurant inside is a great place to watch the game. They have luxurious plush seating, TVs, and more which is perfect for getting the drinks and food you want while not missing a play of the game. The location is also beautiful, right in the heart of Henderson.

M Resort

Much like Green Valley Ranch, M Resort is a spa and casino, but it is still a great place to catch the Patriots and Eagles battle it out for the win on the field. They have delicious food at a reasonable price, TVs everywhere for great viewing, and drinks to your heart’s content. They have a classy look inside and beautiful scenery outside, but the restaurant is a great place to catch the big game.

Born and Raised

This awesome sports bar and restaurant is made for football lovers. There are TVs everywhere so you can get the best seat in the house. The food is perfect for football fans with things like pretzels and nachos. The excellent sound system here is perfect for watching any big game like the Super Bowl. You can eat and watch the game with limited distractions.

It doesn’t matter who you are pulling for this year. Whether you are a Patriots fan or an Eagles fan, the places mentioned above are great locations right in the heart of Henderson, Nevada to catch the game in an atmosphere that will have you cheering. You can enjoy great food, great drinks, and a great time with your friends and family during the biggest football game of the year.

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